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2018 | Accessories & Apparel | BFash (Design) (Hons)

‘Emotional Baggage’ was created in response to my first experience of heartbreak. During this time I was struggling to process a whole range of unresolved emotions that were weighing heavy on my mind. I wanted this project to act as a kind of emotional release; a cathartic journey that would help me better understand my own emotions by documenting this formative time in my life. By pouring my innermost feelings into the creative process, I was able to draw out and examine the entanglement of thoughts that were clouding my mind.

The project aims to enlarge feelings of heartbreak and vulnerability rather than shy away from them. So often I was told by friends and family to ‘move on’ and let go, but I wanted to question why are we always so eager to ‘move on’ when we are faced with heartbreak? Instead of suppressing these feelings of heartache like most of us do, I wanted to celebrate these emotions and make them loud, exaggerated, colourful.

Consisting of two looks, the project focuses on capturing the gesture of being ‘weighed down’ by an emotional burden. The layered trench coat envelops the body with masses of fabric and is characterised by its unconventionally oversized silhouette. The overwhelming proportion of the coat in relation to the body alludes to the suffocating sense of sadness during a time of heartbreak.  

Aptly titled ‘Emotional Baggage’, the project uses bags as the main storytelling device, focusing on fashion narrative. The ‘small things’ mini handbag is an overt expression of emotion. The bag features collaged extracts from a diary entry outlining the details of a break-up. The broken, fragmentary sentences such as ‘but it was just nice’ and ‘i will never forget you’, hint at the breaking down of a relationship and the fading memories of a past love. 

The stark contrast between the mini handbag and oversized coat builds a sense of drama into the ensemble, playing with the extremities of scale and proportion. The 'siren' red silk georgette dress is paired with an oversized satchel that is dragged along the ground behind the wearer. The bag is a visual and physical representation of an emotional struggle as the wearer is burdened by the load she carries. 

Richelle wears oversized trench coat and handmade mini bag

Acker wears silk georgette drawstring dress

Photography: Jimin Son ☆ IG: @sonjimin_

Makeup: Tae Young ☆ IG: @taeyoungkkim

Models: Richelle & Acker ☆ IG: @richellewilmar @ackerquino


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