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2016 | 'Distorted Reality' | BFash (Design) (Hons)

During a visit to the art gallery I was intrigued by the mysterious aura of a grand 17th century mirror. Its glass was clouded with the erosion of time, hundreds of years of dust and grime collecting upon its surface. As I stood in front of it I was presented with a deviating, fogged version of reality. It was as if my reflection placed me behind an atmospheric filter, eclipsing my figure beneath the dulled and dirtied glass. The mirror’s powers of distortion triggered inspiration for the design of a lower body garment.
I relied on computer-aided manipulation of images to generate pant silhouettes, determining the design I would proceed to construct as my final prototype. By warping, twisting and disfiguring the appearance of a basic pair of high-waisted pants, I translated the distorted outline of the pants into silhouettes, reapplying them onto the body. Dramatic, pointed protrusions characterised a recurring geometric aesthetic produced by this design exercise. Problem-solving involved transforming these abstract 2D shapes into a resolved 3D form that could be constructed and materialised to adorn the body. I adapted a pattern-making technique generally used to construct lantern sleeves for pant legs, and built side panels into each leg to hold the pointed geometric shapes. The side panels were sectioned into multiple rectangles which were ‘slashed and opened’, fanning out into doughnut-like pattern pieces. The toiling process was rigourous and involved constant tweaking, experimentation and evaluation of the geometric shapes, creating multiple versions of the pattern to vary the amount of bulk and volume in the pant legs. A whole range of interlinings and fusings of varying weights and constructions were trialled in an effort to support the shapes and ensure they remained pronounced when worn on the body, as in earlier versions of the prototype, the shapes collapsed. The final prototype, however, proved successful and was constructed from two unique, refined pant legs. The resulting asymmetrical, abstract garment clothes the wearer in a distorted sartorial reality.

Design Development.

Toiling Process.

Photoshoot Team:

Designer: Pants - Phoebe Pendergast-Jones ☆ IG: @phoebes_angels

Top: Madeleine Jost ☆ IG: @madeleine.jost
Stylist: Julia Sarteschi ☆ IG: @juliasarteschi

Photographer: Jessica Garcia ☆ IG: @jessicaanngarcia
Model: Adele @ Chadwick Models Melbourne ☆ IG: 

MUA: Tara Jade ☆ IG: @tarajademua

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