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This elective explored the essential techniques of crafting iconic archetypes of historical costume, including the Crinoline (Fr. La Cage) and the Ruff (Fr. La Fraise) using traditional methods of cutting and construction.
The following skills were gained upon completion of the course:

THE RUFF: From 8m of silk chiffon edged with a lace trimming, I hand-sewed figure-of-eight pleats to create a dense and intricate ruff.

  • Interpret the plissé technique in three-dimensional form to create a ruff

  • Demonstrate proficiency with regard to the movement of the pleats, creation of volume from a long band, calculation of measurements required and provision for required construction methods

  • Neat execution of construction methods including precise cutting of the band, folding and stitching the pleats, french seam and hem



  • Ability to evaluate the volume of a structure to execute in the three-dimensional form

  • Transpose the design concept to full scale; calculation of the measurements required

  • Ability to cut and prepare boning and tape - easing of the boning and spacing of the tape with secure and neat hand sewing throughout

  • Mastery of balancing techniques - construction of a proportional, bell-shaped cage, with boning that parallels the floor also running perpendicular to straight, vertical tapes.  

  • Harmonising volume and structure to create a successful 18th century silhouette

Photoshoot Team:

Designer: Phoebe Pendergast-Jones ☆ IG: @phoebes_angels

Stylist: Katherine Rose ☆ IG: @rosepure

Photographer: Magdalene Shapter ☆ IG: @magdaleneshapter
Model: Millie Ng ☆ IG: @videodoll

MUA: Chloe Rose ☆ IG: @xs.rose

Hair Stylist: Helen Demos ☆ IG: @helendemoshair

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